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Sunshine Coast Car Injures Pedestrians

On 6 May 2014, a motor vehicle lost control at Noosa and hit 2 pedestrians and a motor cycle driver. The pedestrians included a 24 year old German back packer and his 20 year old friend. The young German tourist sustained serious injuries and underwent surgery in an attempt to save hi

Workplace Death

Brett Kelly, 34 years old, worked at Mt Isa’s Glencore copper mine. He was last seen on 18 June 2014 whilst working underground. Sadly, authorities have terminated the rescue operation on the basis that they do not believe that he would be alive given the hazardous and dangerous envir

Father killed in workplace wall collapse

Tragically, a 30 year old construction worker died on 23/6/14 when a partially built wall collapsed at his workplace as a result of strong winds in Melbourne. A co-worker frantically tried to rescue Michael Klanja from the rubble but paramedics could not revive him. Michael leaves beh

Bloody WorkCover Claim!

What happens if you are injured at work and then develop a post-accident infection? The Courts have generally held that as long as the infection was attributable to the original injury, the worker’s right to compensation will not be affected. This is whether or not the infection was i

11 Days of Workplace Bullying – Psychiatric Injury

Gabrielle Keegan was employed as an assistant manager at the clothing store Sussan. Following maternity leave, she returned to work but with a new immediate supervisor. Over the next 11 working days, the supervisor criticised her about the previous state of the store, not signing up c

Partner of deceased compensated $280,686.70

On 4 April 2014, the Queensland Court of Appeal awarded Shane Perry $280,686.70 in compensation as a result of a “loss of dependency claim”. Sadly, Deborah Hannan lost her life as a result of a motor vehicle accident. The Court found that Deborah and Shane were defacto partners. In co

Wow, WorkCover Offered Me Money!!

Injured workers beware. This is not always as good as it seems. Offers of lump sum compensation by WorkCover at the completion of your statutory benefits claim are often a lot less than a possible award for damages for your injury as a result of the employer’s negligence. The catch is